what happened to your other blog


Well let me start with I was terminated, I have no idea why tumblr terminated me. I got no email, no warning and no reason as why this happened to me. It hurts me a lot because I never do anything wrong! I worked so hard on my blog, it meant so much to me. Its not just a blog it has memories of things ive done, of my friends online, it has all my followers messages and all the people that I loved and kept me happy everyday and now its just all GONE. I know that for a fact this wasn’t my fault and its sad that just because someone reported me with a lie that tumblr wouldn’t double check and just terminate me. Its not even my old followercount that I miss its just the lovely followers that i miss, I loved them all so much and now i feel as ive lost my whole family. Just in case you dont know who I am, Im luis and I was tumblr user matchless I had nearly 100K lovely followers. i was a photo blog before but ive decided to be a humor one now, but that doesn’t mean ive changed im still luis and i still love you all out there so if your a old followers or a new I still love you <3 Here is a picture of me :) image